How Ford is remaking itself as a tech-savvy transportation company:

“Mr. Hackett’s goal is to better position the company to tackle these challenges in part by engineering a culture shift, pushing executives to be less regimented and more open-minded. He has introduced new methodologies from his previous job, including a process called designthinking that attempts to solve problems by getting into the mind of the consumer.

‘Corporations tend to reward action over thinking, but the truth is…you’ll find the companies that didn’t do the deep thinking and acted quickly have to redo things.’

..executives have set up a series of strategyrooms, many in offices that once belonged to the company’s corporate officers.

Rather than sit through PowerPoint presentations, executives meet surrounded by walls packed with charts, diagrams and other materials outlining the strategy for various models and business units. The goal is to allow everyone to view different parts of a plan, from manufacturing to marketing, in one place and make decisions quickly.

‘There is a set of what you need to know about your business always on the wall, it shouldn’t be buried in your laptop somewhere that you have to go search for.’”

WSJ - Ford’s New CEO Has a Cerebral Style—and to Many, It’s Baffling